Best Robot Vacuum for 2020

Best Robot Vacuum for 2020

It seems every month technology is getting better and better, with new phones, computers, and tablets, continually arriving throughout the year, each one promising to be a little better than the last. Our lives have never been so automated and It’s no different in the smart home market. The web is packed full of gadgets and gizmos, all designed to make our lives easier and turn those annoying chores into just a few clicks of a button. We really are living in the future, and it’s never been a better time to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner.

A robot vacuum cleaner is a fantastic way to keep your home clean, but they weren’t all created equally. There are some brilliant models available on the market, but unfortunately, there are also a few duds out there, so you must do your due diligence beforehand, to ensure you get the right model for you and your needs. Don’t worry; it’s not rocket science, there will be no flux capacitors to repair, and these things will never, ever, hit 88mph.

Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

Dogs and Cats make great living companions, but there’s not a pet owner out there who doesn’t get annoyed from time-to-time with the seemingly endless amount of hairs that our four-legged friends leave in their wake. It can be challenging to keep on top of this, and let’s face it; it’s exhausting to have to clean up day-in-day-out when we should be enjoying our pets and homes. That’s where our 2-wheeled little friends really come in handy around the house!

There are some excellent robot vacuums available right now that make light-work of those annoying clumps of hair that seem to appear miraculously overnight. Robot Vacuums do great with hair, but not so good with poop, as Jesse Newton, an Arkansas local, recently found out. Jess loved his Roomba. They were BFF’s for sure, Bro’s even. He had it set-up to clean his house in the early hours of each morning, and things went smoothly for the longest time, but then, one morning, Evie, his new puppy, had an accident on the rug. Leading to an event that has come to be known worldwide as the “poopocalypse.” Instead of waking up to a lovely clean house, he found that his Roomba had “painted” his entire house in poop! Jesse was not happy at all, but, come on, it’s not the Roomba’s fault; it was just trying to help, give the guy a break.

Here are our top three Robot Vacuum cleaners for pet hair:

  • The GOOVI 1600PA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. This is a fantastic little robot vacuum cleaner with a host of features, such as self-charging and 360 smart sensor protection.
  • The Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac is slim, reliable, and powerful. This RoboVac eats pet hair for breakfast.
  • The Shark IQ R1001AE is a fabulous option for cleaning up pet hairs; it’s powerful, quick, works with Alexa, and will even empty itself after it’s finished, how considerate! Just keep it away from water.

Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

There’s nothing more beautiful than a spic and span hardwood floor, but boy, are they tricky to keep clean. Standard vacuum cleaners often scratch them up. Mopping invariably leads to water getting into the cracks, causing damage. Sweeping? Well, it takes forever and is pretty dull. The good news for you hardwood aficionados out there is that a robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t come with any of these downsides. It won’t scratch your floor, water won’t fall between the cracks, and IT will clean your floor for YOU, you don’t have to do anything, sounds nice, right?

Here are our top three Robot Vacuum cleaners for Hardwood Floors:

  • The ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent option for cleaning hardwood floors. It’s smooth, efficient, and get’s the job done, every time. It will even charge itself up when it’s finished, that’s nice of him!
  • The Eufy BoostIQ is terrific for cleaning up pet hair, but it’s also a whizz with the hardwood floors. A robust little cleaner, with excellent results.
  • The Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner is ultra-slim and ultra-powerful, making short work of whatever you throw at it, but it also has a sensitive side and will clean your hardwood floors with care and compassion.

Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet

Regular Vacuum cleaners work perfectly well with carpets. Still, it can be quite a chore, especially with the more powerful vacuum cleaners available on the market today (even with variable suction it be tough going). Getting a friendly, down to earth, neurotic free robot vacuum cleaner to help you out in between those big cleans just makes sense. It will save you time in the long run and help you to keep on top of things, giving you more free time to Netflix and chill, walk the doggie, or do whatever you like. Power is essential with carpet cleaning, with that in mind:

Here are our top 3, powerhouse, robot vacuum cleaners for carpets:

  • The Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner has to be on the list; the power is so immense, it will even clean your underlay! An excellent option for carpet vacuuming.
  • The Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S is one of the most powerful robot vacuums we have come across. It comes jam-packed with tech, is lightweight, quiet, and works with Alexa.
  • The iRobot Roomba 614. Irobot used to have the market on lock for robot vacs, things have changed, but they still make some of the best vacs out there. The Roomba 614 is no exception. An excellent choice for those difficult to clean carpets.

Smart Home = Happy Home

Whatever your needs, there’s a robot vacuum cleaner out there that can do the job for you, and do the job well. Embrace the future and accept a little help around your home. You’ll still need to do those big cleans from time-to-time, but with a robot vacuum, there will be a lot less to clean up when you do. A smart home is a happy home, after all, at least until these droids become sentient and turn on us. So, enjoy them while you can, we’ll probably be working for them in the not so distant future, duh du duh du duh!