Google Nest Hub Max: The End of the Smart Home?

Google abandons the smart home concept, saying it want’s to be more “helpful”

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Google decided to re-brand to be thought of as a “helpful home” instead of the old smart home idea.


Simply because the smart home is a more tech savvy way of explaining what home automation can do. But the typical consumer doesn’t care about the cools stuff you can do with “smart home devices”, they just want to know how helpful these gadgets can be for them.

Google Nest Home Hub Max Review

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Google hopes that the Helpful Home will effect the average consumer in these 5 ways

Unlimited Access

We’ve already begun to has some experience with this next step in computing tech though smart speakers but with “ambient computing” your devices will act as a computer that is always accessible for you. These devices will always be on so you can interact with them without having to turn them on and log in.

A Seamless Connection

Google’s goal is to create a network of devices that will recognize each other an connect automatically, to make sure that the end user has the best experience with their devices and doesn’t have to spend time linking devices to make sure they work together.

Personalized Communication

One of the key additions to helpful home technology is it’s ability to know who it is interacting with.

For example, your device should know if your child is requesting music that isn’t age appropriate.

Better Privacy

Due to the rising privacy concerns, Google has made it top priority to make sure that moving forward all of it’s devices.

They will be including a privacy card in each of their helpful home devices to explain to customers what information the is collected and how to deal with it.

The Ultimate Tool To Control Your Home

The Google Nest Hub Max is meant to be the centerpiece of the helpful home.

That requires a more intuitive hub.

Google Next Hub Max Price & Release Date

The Google Nest hub is the best match for this because the screen allows the helpful home to display things like your calender, read out books and play music for you as well.

The Google Nest Hub Max price is set at $229 at its release. There is also a payment plan available for about $9 per month for 24 months, just in case you’re short on cash. To learn more about the Google Nest Hub Max release date (or pre-order) go here.