What Is Home Automation And How Does It Work?

What Is Home Automation And How Does It Work?

Home automation is a way to integrate all of the technology in your home into an easy to use system that makes every smart device in your home work together automatically.

With home automation, you can enjoy your favorite entertainment all around your home, control lighting, have the comfort of high tech security features to help keep your family safe.

Here’s a video that will help to illustrate how these features work when you fully integrate your smart home.

What Are The Benefits of Home Automation?

Having home automation set up to meet your personal needs can be a huge benefit in many areas in your life.  It can not only save you time and effort but it can also save you money as well.

Home Automation Benefit #1: Energy Efficiency

Having an energy efficient smart home has a vast number of benefits.  For one, you can reduce your energy bill by integrating your lights, window blinds and thermostat into your home automation system.

When you have your home set up to reduce your energy use it will automatically turn your lights off when you leave the house or you can schedule your lights to dim or turn off at a certain time each night.

home automation benefits
Home Automation has many benefits that can make your life easier

Your window blinds will also allow you to insulate your windows, which helps you control the climate of the house without having to raise or lower the blinds in each room one by one.

The thermostat in your home is also within your complete control.  You can automate it to turn off when you leave the house for work each morning and to automatically turn back on when your phone is within a certain distance from your home.  Just set your desired temperature and you are on your way.

As another cool feature that can help you take advantage of the energy benefits that come along with owning a smart home is that you can have your home alert you if you ever have potential of a leaky pipe or if you need to service certain systems in your home.

Home Automation Benefit #2: Simplify Your Routine

A smart home isn’t just a high tech way to impress your friends.  You can really make your daily and weekly routines simpler.

With home automation setup you can eliminate the need for you to do most of the chores around the house.

Home Automation Benefit #3: Better Safety and Security

Another huge advantage to home automation is that you can control your security system no matter where you are in the world.

You can lock and unlock your doors, see security camera footage on your phone.

How Much Does Home Automation Cost?

So now that you know what you can do with home automation and how it benefits you to build a smart home system, the next question is likely going to be about the cost.

The basic setup could be as low as $200 or as high as 5% of your home cost. The answer really depends on how much you plan to automate your home and to what level.

Things you may need to consider when you are planning your home automation project is:

What Functions Do You Want To Automate

Here is where you think about what you need to have in your smart home. Do you want to automate your lawn care? What about your appliances? Are you trying to lower your energy bill by automating lighting, heating and cooling, etc? How important is home security to your home automation plan?

Consider everything that is important to you to have available for your home automation set up and once you do that then it time to consider how it will all be connected.

How Will They Be Linked To Your Home

You can wire your home in 3 ways, hardwired, wireless and hybrid.  Let’s take a quick peek at the characteristics of each.


This option is the most expensive unless your home is hardwired during the construction process but is also the most secure and reliable option.


The fastest and simplest way to link your smart home devices is through a wireless connection.  All you need to have for this is a wall outlet.

The only potential issue with a wireless connection is that they are more vulnerable to hacking.


A hybrid system will give you a combination of wireless and wired systems.

Should You Hire A Smart Home Expert?

After you have considered your needs and created your plan for home automation you can start shopping around for what materials you will need and if you should consider hiring an expert to help you install it.

There is a growing field of smart home experts that are willing to help you install your smart home devices and automate your home at a reasonable price.

The best thing to do once you have done your planning is to consider how much work you are willing to do and the level of expertise your system will require.

For some, that means you can just buy your devices and hook them up wirelessly.  Others who want a more in depth and secure system should look at getting a professional estimate to get your smart home setup without any hiccups.